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40 oz. of Fury by the Hood Rats

Montreal based band, The Hood Rats have released this new thumping, fast paced album full of classic punk rock sounds and head banging guitar riffs. The Hood Rats hit all the right notes when it comes to the classic punk rock sound. Up tempo, simple guitar riffs with vocals full of angst and rage. Technically this is a really solid modern punk rock album. The mix on this is impeccable, considering it's a punk rock album. The whole album is slick as fuck, every instrument and sound is clear and defined and hits all the high energy notes, you'd want from a great punk rock album.

The level of professionalism on this album is really impressive, almost like these guys have been playing together for decades. A lot of new punk bands, you can hear the amateurism throughout, and that's kind of it's charm. But, The Hood Rats sound like long time pro's. They know how to write a song, they know how to play a noxious guitar solo at just the right moment and the mix and sound on the vocals is perfect.

Every song is fast, furious and coming in at under 3 minutes, definitely hitting all the right buttons as far as punk music goes. Recommended, if this kind of music appeals to you.

Heres the link to the full album

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