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Review by Paul D Houston

There's this fine balance between high energy and noise when it comes to indie/alternative music. If a musician or band can manage that unique ecstatic vibe, its always a good thing and the results are usually always enjoyable. If that balance is off either way, it can end up being either a boring noisey morass of meh, or a cheesy alt-pop with a poseur sort of sound. Or something like that. But. the band AUDRELANE from Toronto hits all the right notes on their new ep "Roy" in my opinion. Mixing 90s style alternative energy with a Sonic Youth style fuzz and cheeky alt-pop lyrics. This ep is a pretty damn good effort and I rather enjoyed it.

Technically, it's a bitch to get that fuzz and melody to even out. If you get too dissonant, it just sounds noisey. So getting the mix right, enabling the melodies to ring out amidst the fuzz is a delicate thing and I believe Audrelane gets it right. Especially on songs like "Andrew Does" and "Taste".

This is an ep I can listen to again and again. Being a child of the 90's alternative music movement, this ep give me all kinds of good nostalgia feels, but there are so many aspects to this, that make it nice and modern and innovative.

Good job guys!

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