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COCO | Modern

Review by Paul D Houston

The debut ep, MODERN by the artist, COCO is a dreamy and wistful collection of reverb drenched songs laced with a subtle psychedelia. If you can imagine the Mama's and Papa's with a John Lennon sort of motivation, crossed with WEEN on their lighter side, this is pretty much what you get with this album, in my opinion.

Its the kind of music you put on while you are getting ready to have a good day. Or its the kind of music in a movie that stars, Bill Murray. Or perhaps its the music in the Michael Scott characters head, from the American version of, The Office. I don't know, it's silly, light and a very solid debut, in my opinion.

I've always been a fan of reverb drenched music, wether its dark and trippy or silly and psychedelic. MODERN is a five song ep of reverb drenched merry tunes and its very easy to listen to even if you aren't into silly psychedelic stuff.

Take the lead off track for instance...

This song while probably the best on the ep, is the perfect lead off song and exemplifies what you're going to hear on the rest of this ep.

Check it out if you're in a good mood!

Full album here

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