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Crushed Into Dust By The Weight Of The World | by DAUGHTER OF DAWN

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Review by Paul D Houston

This dark, somber and deeply visceral 5 song ep is the creation of Emma Goldman Grey, a trans musician and activist residing in the Twin Cities, MN. Describing this debut ep in exact statements is a little hard for me. Its a blend of a few different things. Its downbeat, introspective, dissonant and...other things. The easy genre descriptions might be, Industrial and Ambient, as I believe enthusiasts of those genres might be the most receptive to this as it blends both genres together in a really pleasantly discordant way.

With numbing drones and lush whispering vocals laid atop a bed of noise and glitches, this ep is quite the effort for a debut project. With nodes of experimentalism meshed together with pleasantly somber rhythms, every song on this ep is a very strong and fresh effort. While the first song on the ep is possibly the strongest and definitely the most wistful, and sets the tone for the ep...

I did find myself liking the final two tracks possibly the most, particularly, "Scrutiny Under the Blinding Light". From an intriguing title to an intriguing song, I really dig this one...

As far as comparisons go, I am finding it hard to find proper ones for this ep. I would say I can hear the influences of Dead Can Dance, Psychic TV, Coil and Chelsea Wolfe in these five songs, but I am not sure those are the right comparisons, as this really is its own stuff. The overall production values are also a thing to respect. While Emma Goldman Grey does an excellent job with the compositions and the instrumentation on these songs, the final mixes are a superb production. There are no glaring mistakes and the obvious mastery, technically of this release, is itself a joy.

So, do yourself a favor and when you've finished with your chores and your habits and self-indulgments, pour yourself a glass of wine, take a moment to decompress and put this ep on and open yourself to the dark possibilities that this ep could bring to your mind.

Find this ep here at Bandcamp:

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