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A band from Minneapolis, MN

This band's sound is hard to describe. You could say, hard alternative rock, I guess, but while the Cysters sound is reminiscent of bands like Smashing Pumpkins, Eagles of Death Metal or Deftones, these comparisons don't exactly do them justice.

The songs are your basic rock setup, two guitars, bass and drums, with one lead vocalist. Yet, the guitar work is a catchy grind of melodic metal riffs and feedback, which I find hard to pin down, genre wise. The guitar work has a thumping and organic backbeat with heavy drum work, rumbling bass lines and buried vocal bellows.

If you go to their Bandcamp page, you'll find two eps. Each have their standout songs, WOLVES from EP1 and BLISS from EP2, but the other songs on each ep are just as strong and just as noisey and just as powerful.

Check out Bliss from EP 2

and Wolves from Ep 1

Then tell me this isn't some of the best heavy/hard alternative rock out there.

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