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Review by Paul D Houston

I generally like how the shoegaze movement has evolved into modern times. With better technology, the drifting and delirious nature of the overall movement has really clarified when it comes to production values. The band BLUME, from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, are definitely shoegaze, but their sound is way more refined compared to shoegaze classics like Slowdive or Chapterhouse (2 bands whom, I think BLUME has a similarity too).

Their new ep, DAYS GO SLOWLY is a really quality, compact and easily enjoyable listen. To be honest, this ep isn't breaking any new ground in any particular way, but what it is, is a really well done ep. Something the band should feel proud of and something fans of the shoegaze style should listen to, if not have in their collection.

Check out this song and let me know what you think in the comments section below...

Quality stuff, definitely recommended. Check out the full ep here

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