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DESPISE ME by Placeholder

Review by Paul D Houston

UK emo/hardcore band, Placeholder debut their newest ep and it's a gigantically fierce, head throbbing musical achievement. The opening song, I BUILT THIS HOUSE FROM NOTHING, is a slick treat of noise, rage and pounding drums, but the eps money is really made on song #3, the ep title song, DESPISE ME. This song just destroys the listener, pulverizing our senses for 4 whole minutes. It's a lovely song and I've had it on repeat for the past half hour. So good.

Songs 4 and 5 are deceptive in the sense that each begin with serious emo moments, that almost beg us to skip. But if you hang in there, the rock returns full of vengeance. And its those emo moments which I think are the only negative to this very solid ep. I am not into emo, not even when its mixed with more hardcore elements as Placeholder does on this ep.

Saying that, the album overall is well mixed, with high production values. Kudos to the producer. The more I listen to music, the more I come to appreciate a well mixed album. Rock music, of this sort is a challenge. With its noise, and loudness pushed to the edge, bringing all the elements of the sound into a cohesive and good sounding piece of music is a real work of art.

If you like pounding, rage filled, angry, twisted emo/metal music this is an album that should appeal to you.

Go here for the whole album

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