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DONATOR - Year of the Dog

Hailing from Burbank, CA, DONATOR is a band that utilizes standard rock elements with quirky electronica. While many of the songs, from their debut album, YEAR OF THE DOG, strives towards pop, it can't but help wallowing in indie/alternative rock, with discordant guitar melodies, spacey synths and staccato rock beats.

While, this album does sound like a band, that's trying to find their footing, a sound has emerged. I hear echoes of Fischerspooner and TransAm, to name a couple indie rock/electronica bands, but Donator have a catchy sound that, I bet is really interesting live.

Check out this tune to understand what I'm talking about...

Are they super refined? No, like I said above, this is a debut album and usually a debut album is a stepping stone. I really think by the second or third album, Donator could be something really cool.

Here's another track to dwell on...

Check out the full album here

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