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DYATLOVE - 4 Song Ep for Crushing Souls

Review by Paul D Houston

I will describe this 4 song ep as Emo-Sludge. It might not be the most apt description because there are plenty of other metal music aspects here-in. I just think the combination going on here, with the slow grinding guitar work, drums that are thick and pounding and vocals that waver between screamo and angsty rock music crooning, is kind of like something I would call, emo-sludge. And I mean that in the most positive way, as I quite enjoyed this 4 song ep. It's an ep with a lot going for it.

While the song, Empty Lungs stands out to me...

I really believe all four songs on this ep have a lot going for them. Excellent musicianship plus excellent metal songwriting equals real goodness, in my opinion. Because the quality on this ep is so high, this Vancouver Canada based band, has to have been at this music game for awhile? The slickness of their talent oozes all over this ep and its obvious they really put a lot into it. I'm very curious to see where this band goes from here! Do check them out!

Full ep can be found here:



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