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FAITHLESS #5 By Brian Azzarello and Maria Llovet

Published by Boom Studios! 2019

Any long time comics fan, has expectations from writer, Brian Azzarello. His 'style" is a known property. It's full of darkness and intrigue and a subtle sexuality that can't quite be pigeonholed. Of course, I'm a big fan and will pick up anything he writes. Unfortunately, FAITHLESS, isn't quite as obviously strong as his previous work, on the surface. Perhaps, its because artist Marie Llovet's style is so damn distracting? Maria Llovet's work is messy, sloppy, yet beautiful and provocative. Though not the clearest when it comes to storytelling, and the artists, that have usually illustrated, Brian Azzarello's stories, have been clear defined storytellers.

FAITHLESS #5 is a culmination point of the series. To be honest, I don't think you miss much if you haven't read the previous four issues. What we get in issue #5 is sort of a plot breaking point. It all reveals itself, at least for the most part. Our main character is a fucked up mess, like most of us, in fact, but what Azzarello is creating with this story is something unique, disturbing and enthralling.

I don't quite know what to expect in the next issue, but I will definitely be reading it. I want to see how this mess all works out, and most of me is hoping it works out for the worse. How could it not and you know what I mean, if you've been reading this comic from the start.

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