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Review by Paul D Houston

I've a warm spot for the modern Darkwave movement and find myself falling down a lot of rabbit holes on Soundcloud with this kind of music. There's just a plethora of it on Soundcloud and I love it. The album, DECAY by a musician, who goes by the name of Glaring, is squarely and firmly modern Darkwave music. And its really good stuff!

Modern Darkwave music is relatively easy to make and produce if you have a solid midi-keyboard and microphone. Glaring, while utilizing modern technology for sure, uses guitar and analog synthesizer to make their sounds. Still, an artist has to have a style, so no matter how easily available certain sounds and instrumentation are to access with modern technology, manipulating them into interesting songs is a whole other matter. Glaring accomplishes this with this album. Every song is filled with dreamy and dark melodies, wistful vocals and deep, slow, emphatic hooks.

I particularly like this song..

The rest of the album is done in a similar manner and while I imagine a person might need to be in a certain mood to really absorb the dark depths of this album, if you are into this style of music, I definitely recommend putting it on when you are in the mood.

Check out the full album here

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