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HIDE is a Chicago, IL based duo, who's new album, HELL IS HERE, is a dark miasma of fury, rage and torturous soundtrack like tones. The opening track, CHAINSAW isn't necessarily a song as much as a anthemic prologue to the rest of the album.

Utilizing dark electronic drones, crashing percussion, fits of noise and bellowing vocals, HIDE, has created something really special with this, their second full length album. This is an album, best played at night, in dark goth clubs, in headphones, when you've had enough with the bullshit of this world.

My favorite tracks are, SSSD with it's melancholic pace and intermittent bursts of noise

and EVERYONES' DEAD with it's repetitious drums, dark synth patterns and chanting vocals, full of pain and rage.

This album, style wise immediately reminds me of the darker moments of Jarboe's solo career or The Swans when reveling in their darkest and most industrial moments. Perhaps, also when, NIN aren't trying to be rock and embrace their dark and industrial sides. So, if you are into super dark, industrial/electronica, with songs full of rage, soul-torturing self-reflection and intermittent moments of dark calm, I implore you to give this album a try.

The full album can be found here

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