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I AM YOUNG by M. Dean

Published by Fantagraphics | 2018

A short story, vignette graphic novel of a sort. There are a handful of solo stories in this book, wrapped between an ongoing story about two people, who once upon a time, were lovers, lived together and more importantly to the story, met at a Beatles show in 1962. And while these two people did not stay a couple, their love of the Beatles kept the memory of their brief and passionate affair alive in each of them, throughout their lives..

All of the stories in this book, are largely melancholic, whether its a story about lost love or some kind of pain or trauma in their life. And all the stories have some kind of link to music, whether it's the Beatles, Chuck Berry or someone else. The music is the theme behind each of these stories and while it's not abundantly clear why, I imagine, each of these artists had a huge impression upon the author at some point or other. And the stories are supposed to reflect, the authors feelings, thoughts, daydreams or possibly some kind of real life reflection of themself or someone close to them.

Short stories are their own art form and so many people fail at it. M. Dean does not fail telling involving and engaging short stories, with this book. I was engaged and involved with each of these sometimes intertwining stories. There is so much charm within the covers of this book and I don't mean story alone. M. Dean's art is quite good. It's simple and plain, but it has a nuance and a skill for storytelling, that is really top notch, in my opinion.

Having not heard of the author before, I will make sure I pick up any of their work from here on out, confident I will be reading something of poignancy, charm and of high entertainment value.

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