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Review by Paul D Houston

Ranging from indie-bedroom rock to post-punk electronica, this album by the band Lalić is quite an interesting blend of sounds. Its full of catchy rhythms and attractive vocals riffs. While the production on this is largely of a lo-fi nature, it's mix is quite smooth and listenable.

I DON'T DESERVE THIS CATHARSIS is an album that reminds me of a few different bands and musicians, both modern and from a previous era, but theres something definitely unique about Lalić's sound. With pulsing bass lines and floating synth patterns, this album swells all about the emotional spectrum. From wistful and mournful to energetic and terse.

My favorite track on this album is a very post-punk/euro style song with vocals in German...

It's goth-pop sensibilities are catchy and the hyper-inflected vocals are wonderfully done.

As you go down the album, you'll find more songs, not like any of the other songs on this album. Theres a very diverse range of sounds, Lalić utilizes on this album. Which to me, is always a good marker of a talented bunch of musicians.

Check out this song and see how different it is from "THE DANUBE" song I posted above.

The only flaw I think with this album is that towards the end of the album, a few of the songs are openly weaker than the songs towards the beginning of the album. I think this album would have been a bit stronger, maybe one or two songs less. But, that's my opinion.

Make your own opinion, of course by checking out the full album here

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