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Updated: Aug 19, 2019

"Developing Artists By Touring Is More Important Than Ever, New Data Confirms"

"4 Things We Learned at CD Baby's DIY Musician Conference"

"Indie Retailers Describe Worsening Breakdown in Getting CDs, Vinyl Delivered to Record Stores"

"Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play and Pandora have filed their appeal of the Copyright Royalty Board's mechanical rate determination, which will see music publishers and writers enjoy a 44% rate increase by 2023."

"The traditional album cycle of releasing an album every couple of years, then touring it, is no longer the norm; but is this a good thing?"

“How do I get my social media going if I’m just starting out and don’t have any fans or followers yet?”

"Digital music distributor Amuse and consultancy MIDiA have partnered to release Independent Artists: The Age of Empowerment, a free report that shows the growing power and potential of independent artists"

"The U.S. recorded music industry has now totally bought into streaming, but the revenue from physical product like CDs and vinyl is still a significant part of the major label’s bottom lines."

"That majors own their own playlisting companies servicing Spotify, and that these major-owned playlists have prominent placement within the platform, should come as no major surprise: Spotify is largely a collaboration with all three major labels."

"Are You Creating A Record No One Will Hear?"

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