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Laz Berelow | An Entertainment

Review by Paul D Houston

This ep immediately reminds me of what an early Pink Floyd demo tape might have been like. It's really lo-fi, gnarly, distorted, peculiar and yet shines with ingenuity. I don't think Pink Floyd is really an apt comparison, but some of Pink Floyd's early work with Syd Barret wasn't far different from this. Artist, Laz Berelow channels a 1960's era studio demo sound with this ep, AN ENTERTAINMENT. I don't hear any crazy modern instruments on this ep, or at least they don't jump out at us. This ep is a lot of distorted, crazed vocals with clanky drums and fuzzed out guitars, and the accompanying odd sound or two.

As dark and strange as it may be, its also a lot of fun. The ep title song, "An Entertainment", while being the least Pink Floyd like song on the ep, might also be the least lo-fi too.

My favorite music is always the stuff that shows the most weird and creative energy, not necessarily the most polished or easily digestible, but stuff that hums with an indescribable energy. This ep is that and more.

Check out the full ep here

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