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Review by Paul D Houston

I get a lot of crap from friends and relatives because I like to listen to a lot of melancholic or dreary types of music. And I get it, its not the kind of music for everybody and yeah it's better to play this kind of music in certain moments for most people. Unfortunately for me, I generally gravitate towards this kind of music as an automatic, I guess its a personality type of thing.

MELLOW DRAMA is the debut ep from London, UK based band, Kyenord. A duet featuring, Mohamed Tarek Erakat and Linn Östlund. This ep is very downbeat, drifting and lovelorn. It's chill beat and dreary vocals are a siren call to a melancholic like myself.

Check out the lead track, 5AM to get the general feel of the album overall.

The other three songs on this ep are all in this vein, but with varying degrees of melody and vocalizations. Overall, this ep is also a very polished production. I know its a lot easier these days to do glossy electronic productions with the level of technology available to todays musicians, but it's still a craft and you can tell when the production is off, even on a full electronic piece like this.

My favorite song off this ep is BLIND, the almost fatalistic vocals and lyrics, with the drowning synth rhythms just captured me.

So, if this is your speed, MELLOW DRAMA is an ep well worth your time. Check out the full ep here

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