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Review by Paul D Houston

There's many sub-genres to punk rock and one in particular is a favorite of mine, I can't think of the proper name right now, but it's that kind of loose drunk punk? That punk music thats a bit silly and not super tight, but sounds great and is fun to listen to when you've been drinking? I think you know what I mean, anyway... this album by the Los Angeles based band, MIXED KID FRIDAYS is exactly that. The overall energy is high and fun with catchy riffs and beats and sing along style of vocalizations that keep a listener entertained.

The 13 songs on this album showcase elements of grunge punk, ska and straight up fast rock n roll. While I did say above, that most bands in this style put on tape, a generally loose style of recording, MIXED KID FRIDAYS don't surrender to that trope completely. Some of the songs on this album are terrifyingly tight and show shades of a very professionally produced arrangement of songs. Not sure if thats a good thing or bad thing, but it probably doesn't hurt.

While this band has its hard and fast edge, they do surrender to some poppier, slow songs too. Song # 5 for instance, "Living on Minimum Wage" is a very ballad like song, even if the lyrics are terribly silly.

Overall this is a very listenable album and if you are alone putting down a few beers, turn this puppy on, it'll keep your spirits high, but it's also a good album to put on for a small party thats got a few cases stocked in the fridge.

Check out the full album here

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