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NECROROMANTIC Anatomy of an Apocalypse

Industrial music and heavy metal have a long history. Each admiring the other for particular aspects of their style. NECROROMANTIC is a band that takes those two genres very seriously, blending heavy guitar riffs, cold industrial style drum machine beat patterns and goth-emo style vocals.

Anatomy of an Apocalypse is a short 4 track ep, but it showcases a variety of achievements. From the technical skill, to the raucous melodies, rhythms and grinding beats. This is a very listenable modern industrial metal ep and I can see this band really doing well, if they keep at it.

Check out the opening track to their ep and soak in the torment.

The second song DREAM is a little more melodramatic goth, with drifting melodies and willowy vocals. GOD, the third song is a miasma of despair and rage and leans towards straight up metal, via that new metal sound KORN perfected. To close out the ep, TAKE, is a stoner-esque song of echoed guitar riffs, thumping beats and very emo style lyrics.

To check out the whole ep, take a listen to the full album at Spotify. Recommended!

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