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Neiland | La Ambición Del Nada

Review by Paul D Houston

La Ambición Del Nada is a 3 song ep and is a surprisingly fascinating collection of modern minimalist electronica. This isn't dreamscape stuff though, this ep is bustling with heavy throbbing drones, quirky retro synth sounds, vague melodies and adrenaline fueled rhythms. I feel like I've stepped sideways back in time to 1993, but I've kept one ear in the modern world. Not sure if that makes sense necessarily, but if you listen to this ep, you'll know what I'm getting at.

For instance song two, "La ambición del nada" is classic rave techno from the 1990's, except theres this dreamy synth pattern that swallows our attentions and I just don't think instruments in the 90's could necessarily make this kind of pattern or sound then?

Its entirely captivating in my opinion, check it out...

Overall this is a very interesting, but terribly short ep. While I wish there was more, I'm really glad I stumbled upon it. The record label, Nada Records is based in Spain and has just recently started business, so I doubt a whole lot of word has gotten out about this release, at least this side of the Atlantic. I could be wrong. But if Nada Records keeps releasing more music like this ep, I think we'll all be paying a little more attention in the future.

Check out the full ep here

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