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PINCH POINTS - Moving Parts

Melbourne, Australia based quartet, Pinch Parts debuted their first full length album, this past summer and it's a solid collection of high energy, quirky indie-rock foot stompers. Duo vocalists, Acacia and Adam, with their noticeable Aussie accents and sarcastically humorous lyrics, are an easy draw, but the jangly riffs and manic guitar noodling that fills this album is like an aphrodisiac. The high tempo drums, with their relatively simple beats from Isabella, keep the hectic backbeat of this band going from song to song.

The album flows really well from beginning to end, never really letting the high energy wallow or disappear. I imagine this band is amazing live!? While, I struggle to find obvious comparisons, genre wise, there's definitely elements of surf, garage and punk, if you consider bands like Vaseline and Dead Kennedy's punk.

I will include another of the stand out tracks from the album, here...

But, really this is an easy add to my collection. Check out the full album here

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