POP SOAP by Kosmetika

Review by Paul D Houston

Kooky indie-pop hooks are hard to resist, especially when they're so absurdly charming like the ones you're going to find on this album. Kosmetika are a Melbourne, Australia based band and their new album on the Roolette Records label is an absolute gem!

There's a little Sleater Kinney, a little Stereolab in Kosmetika's sound, but it's not that easy to pigeon hole this bands sound. The level of production on this is a very glossy lo-fi sort and it fits the sound of this album so well. Some songs, are super tightly produced, with a sheen you might find on some super modern slick production from one of the bigger studios. Then you'll get a song with a jangly, loose guitar line, that just breathes an improv-like riff recorded on the first take.

Roolette Records is doing such a great job with this kind of genre... this lo-fi indie rock with notions of superstardom kind of thing. Besides Kosmetika, bands like Pinch Points and Sufbort (also on the label) are just really outstanding, utilizing this sort of lo-fi basement rock sound.

Pop Soap as an album, is just rocking from song #1 to song #8. The fresh energy doesn't let up at any point on the album. These are 8 songs of greatness.

Here are two songs, which I know I will be playing over and over, check em out and let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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