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Qwiet Type - Shakedown single and others

Review by Paul D Houston

Walking the line between pop and alternative music, the artist that goes by the name, Qwiet Type has been releasing a regular stream of singles over the past little bit and while quite a few have a particular something or other, I personally quite like the single, Shakedown amongst the assortment.

If you go to the artists website,, there you can find the several songs that he's created. I imagine others will have a different opinion than mine, and prefer another one of the songs on the site in place of the one I like, Shakedown, but fortunately Qwiet Type has a pretty versatile sound.

As far as skills go, Qwiet Type has a style and a gifted sense for a final mix. There's a very warm sense to all the artist's work and comes through especially well in the song Shakedown. This song, definitely has it's radio friendly pop aesthetics down, but it is still a little more jumpier than your average alt-pop song.


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