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Review by Paul D Houston

Norwegian band, Remington Super 60 debuts their new 6 song ep, simply titled "NEW EP" and it's freaking gorgeous! Smooth, playful, dreamy and exquisitely done. As far as I can tell, there's not a single flaw in the entire recording. The vocals are a haze, alluring us in like a siren of the ancient seas and hovering over the simple guitar and bass lines. Accompanied by the light percussion and other ambient textures, the sounds produced on this ep are really something special.

Having not heard of this band before, I was immediately struck by their excellent sense as far as all the technical aspects go. A good mix and master is as alluring to me as a gifted guitarist or vocalist. And this ep is recorded in such a manner, it's like sweet sweet syrup.

Check out this song, probably my favorite on the ep...

I don't know how much of an impact this ep will have overall, but it's hitting the sweet spots on a variety of genres and is as good as anything I've heard from the alt-pop and indy-rock scene in the last little bit. I hear a few different influences in their sound, from Stereolab to Frou Frou and even darker Lana Del Ray, but they're not to be pigeonholed, this is unique stuff.

Check out the full album here

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