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REV REV REV | Kykeon

Review by Paul D Houston

While, I've been a fan of REV REV REV for a few years now, I really think, this is their best album yet. It's an album full of shoegazey noise, ambient blended rhythms, and drearily dreamy melodies. It's a rather gorgeous album. The first 5 songs in particular are extremely fun, catchy and blissful in that noisey shoe gaze kind of way.

There's a lot more experimentalism going on with this album too, as compared to REV REV REV's previous work. From different styles of songwriting to solo noise burst kinds of things, to other psychedelic bits of random goodness immersed into the songwriting. It really sounds like the band had a lot of fun with their guitar effects pedals on this one. And instead of it sounding completely incoherent or mind numbing, as sometimes noodley guitar effects pedal stuff kind of music can be, this sounds like there was a plan with the effects generated and it adds to the overall general psychedelic noise thats going on throughout this album. Each song is layered and sometimes smothered in trippy noise and various sweeping guitar effects. And all well done, rather than shat out in some improvised kind of way.

The song Sealand in particular sums up what I'm trying to say...

The noise and tripped out effects are just oozing from my speakers on that one. Here's another song that I really liked off this album...

They even did a video for 3 not 3, check it out...

So, if you're into shoe gaze or noise or psychedelia, I heartily recommend this album, it's really good and hits all the right buttons for fans of that kind of music, I think.

Full album here

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