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Review by Paul D Houston

If I could recommend an album to you when you're feeling blue, when you're wallowing in the doldrums, it would be this one. "Director's Cut" by The Kindest People is an album with such high manic energy that it's almost impossible to not get a good toe tap going, no matter how bad you're feeling. This is such a fun alternative-psychedelic frolicking sort of album, I can't recommend it highly enough!

Technically this is about as solid as an album can get. With an exquisite mix, this album comfortably hits all the right notes and tones for this style of music. It has hints of 90's style alternative, with intonations of Pink Floyd style psychedelia, but also all these crazy modern sensibilities, that all stews together into some really addictive sounding songs.

There are several stand out tracks on this 12 track album, but I guess my favorites are, "Ray Gun"

and "Action (If I Had a Camera)"

But really this album is just one hot track after another. If I was a judge on any kind of music awards panel, I would absolutely nominate this for several categories. Seriously, its that well done.

Check it out here and judge for yourself:

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