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WAILS | Debut EP

Review by Paul D Houston

The rougher the world gets, the more I relish eps like this. The debut ep from the Swedish band, WAILS is a grinding, noise filled torrent of rock n roll that hits a nerve. There's a definite anthem like aspect to this ep, but its also just a very fun effort. You ever been in the middle of a mosh pit and are having the time of your life? Thats what this ep makes me think of. Its a carefree, loud, obnoxious and who gives a fuck kind of sound, which I am appreciating very much right now.

The way this world is going, I am going to need more and more of this kind of music. So while this is only a four song debut ep, I really hope WAILS can produce more and asap! Influences wise, I hear a few different bands in this bands sound. From the THEE OH SEES to the POSTER CHILDREN to the GERMS, to name a few. If you like any of these bands, I can probably guarantee, that you'll like this band and this ep.

So, while I enjoyed all of the songs on this ep, pretty much equally, I do find myself playing this one first when listening to this ep....

I give this ep the highest rating and if you like noisey rock n roll, dont pass this up!

Here's where you can get ahold of this:

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