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Review by Paul D Houston

The new ep from, Waves of Dread (UK) is awash with reverb, delay and distortion creating a maelstrom of shoe gaze psychedelia goodness! The opening track immediately stunned me into submission with its noisey flourishes and hypnotic vocals. When I say there's some shoe gaze stylings here in, it's not that 1990s stereotypical style, that launched a hundred thousand different bands and changed alternative music forever. No, this shoe gaze style on this ep is modern stuff. Yes, there's swirling guitars, grinding layer upon layer. And yes, I am sure this band when playing live, probably barely move when on stage and do absolutely stare most of the time at their effects pedals, but the noisey melodic madness thats found on this ep is not prototypical in any fashion.

Track 3 "BLIND" immediately lets us know, that this band is gonna experiment a little more than your average shoe gaze band. Using samples and synth riffs, Waves of Dread branch out beyond shoe gaze and assault us sonically with a variety of noises and sounds.

While track 1 is the go to track on this ep...

The whole ep is worth a listen. It's a rather short ep, to be honest and flies by in a mere 18 minutes in total. Each song, while obviously different in tone and tenor, blend together so well, that its easy to listen to the whole ep in one go, without ever getting tired or annoyed by one or more out of place tunes.

Highly recommended for fans of swirling psychedelia and shoe gaze noiseyness. Check out this ep here:

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