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Review by Paul D Houston

Beautiful. End of review.

Ok, also, buy it. These boys from New York City should be spending 100% of their time making music. Anyone reading this need a soundtrack? Let me introduce you to WIDE WATERS.

AMONG THE PINES is a gorgeous and stimulating collection of songs. This is an instrumental album that crosses several genres, by my count. It's a sound that might compare to bands like Mogwai, Explosions in the Sky and maybe even to legendary soundtrack artists, Angelo Badalamenti and Hans Zimmer.

This is the kind of chill, instrumental music that not only calms, but stimulates the thought processes. It's uplifting and motivating, enthralling and captivating. Yep, it deserves all those adjectives, I thought it was that good of an album.

This collection of six songs starts off sounding like Explosions in the Sky playing something Brian Eno wrote, drifting and scattering into all points of the universe...

By the sixth song its metamorphisized into something a lot less guitar oriented and into something full on sci-fi blockbuster style soundtrack stuff/via Hans Zimmer...

Technically speaking, this album is amazingly mixed and mastered. Almost impeccably so, in my opinion. Plus the skill of the players, is startling to me, for a debut album. I can not wait to see where this band and these guys go with their music.

Check out the full album here

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