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Review by Paul D Houston

Electronic music has diversified so much in the past few years, beyond what I once might have thought possible. It could be because of the advent of amazing technological breakthroughs when it comes to what can be used to create music in our modern age. The computer has been such a boon for electronic music, with its almost infinite apps and the capabilities derived from them. If you have a desire to make music, the age we live in makes it so much easier. There's no argument there, I don't think. But I also believe the general ease which music can be made nowadays has itself created musicians. Where say, 100 years ago you had to learn how to sing, or play the violin or guitar to make any kind of music. Today, all you need is the urge, the motivation, a good ear, a computer and a few apps. What I am trying to say is that with all this technology and wonderment, what can be accomplished has no limits and the future is looking absolutely amazing as far as music goes. Every time we think something new and impossible has been created and that nothing can top it, you get something like this album, which breaks the mold.

What ZAMILSKA has accomplished on her newest album, UNCOVERED is nothing short of terrifyingly wonderful. It's not typical beat oriented electronic music and its not drifty ambient synth stuff either. It's something mixing the best and most bizarre electronic music possible. It has a dark club vibe throughout the album and I can almost fantasize being in some dark pulsing club with Zamilska leading me and the packed club in a chaotic cacophony of orgiastic ritualistic throbbing and dancing.

On this album, there are beats, untypical for sure. There are drifting synth patterns of a sort, not ambient and not typical club sweeps either. And then there's the undefinable noise, melodies, pulses and other wow content, that captures an audience immediately.

You can start with the first song on this album and you won't be disappointed, but let me point you first to the third song on this album, "HOSPITAL"...

Then let me direct you to this song, "HOLLOW"...

If you're a fan or follower of groundbreaking electronic music, I urge you to check out the unique sounds and stylings of ZAMILSKA.

Check out the full album here

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